Windows 8 store app data access

What's in the hidden Windows AppData Folder, and how to find it if you need it

Keep in mind that very large data often warrants professional database administration for the best possible data integrity, performance and security. Most DBAs and developers who work with relational databases prefer a GUI tool to create and manage database objects or run ad hoc queries on the data, and the Sqliteman bit. Why bother with a database at all, especially if users of your app want to stick with the files they already have?

This is especially true of photos and documents. The File API goes beyond simply providing a navigator to directories and files; it gives the user the ability to choose an app as a file location. This means apps can talk to each other and exchange data. A File Open Picker can interact with Bing, camera, or photo apps as well as regular directories and named locations such as My Documents, Videos, or Music.

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Sharing data so easily between apps, services and personal files is a first-rate feature of Windows. Many OSes have a mechanism for registering types of files that apps intend to use alongside the ability to launch those apps when a user interacts with an icon in the OS. In Windows, this is called a file association. Windows 8 takes this concept further by allowing apps to talk to each other through a system-wide feature called contracts. One way to implement a contract is through a File Picker.

Choosing an app from a Windows 8 picker launches that app. Most developers are familiar with consuming and modifying data with XML Web services because they date back to the days of the Microsoft. NET Framework 1. The main advantage in using Web services is that the data lives at a central remote location and the apps from multiple devices can access the data any time while connected. This means its underlying database can live anywhere, such as on a remote server, Web host or Azure instance. You can host any of the previously noted Web services such as an ASP.

Think of SkyDrive as a non-storage storage option. Users can choose SkyDrive as a location in the cloud and access documents through File Open or Save pickers. SkyDrive users can also purchase more storage space. The Live API bit. A call to SkyDrive to retrieve the list of shared items looks like this:. A Microsoft. Azure Mobile Services is a great option for those building cross- and multi-platform apps.

Powered by Azure, this option offers more than just scalable storage; it offers push notifications, business logic management, an authentication API and a complete SDK. In addition to these features, an easy-to-use, Web-based administrative tool is provided. All of the major platforms are supported, and with the Mobile Services SDK, you can build out a working prototype in just minutes and be on your way to delivering data to multi-platform apps in no time. Among the many items in the SDK, you can use the query object to query data from tables, similar to this:.

As you can see, the code is quite the same as any other API, so the learning curve is the same as the other options discussed here. All of the previously noted data storage and access options are for storing content, but as a developer, you also need to deal with configuration data for the app. While some of this data belongs on the device, consider the fact that many apps work across multiple platforms and devices, so centralizing and synchronizing application data in Azure with the content data often makes sense.

Storage namespace, and the code looks similar to this:. You can store simple or complex objects in either the localSettings or roamingSettings properties. Using either local or roaming settings is the preferred way to work with configuration data. You must also consider what to do when the app is offline or disconnected from the Internet. In other words, some of your data needs to be cached, but without consuming too much disk space.

But, if you have a legacy database, reusing it might be a requirement. Windows Store apps support a variety of structured and BLOB storage needs for both content and configuration.

What Are Local, LocalLow, and Roaming?

Local: Usually this data is in a file or local database, but in Windows 8, you can now treat other apps as sources for data by using the built-in File Picker or. Windows has APIs, components, and services that support your desktop apps in data access and storage. The Cloud Filter API provides functionality at the boundary between the user mode and the file system. The Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) is an advanced indexed and sequential.

Generation App guides you through the process of building a Windows Store or Windows Phone app in 30 days by offering free technical and design consultations and assistance, along with exclusive tips and resources. Reach her via her Web site at rachelappel. Clicking on Continue will open the following warning box, saying that you have been denied permission to access this folder. To gain access to the WindowsApps folder, click on the Security tab link. The following Properties box will open. To be able to view the contents of the folder you must have at least Read permissions.

Click on the Advanced button to open the Advanced Security Settings for the protected folder. Clicking on Continue will open a box which will list down the permission entries for the folder. Do note that, as an example, I have given myself complete blanket permissions, but you may give yourself limited permission as are required, by editing the permissions entries from its settings. You may click on the desired entry and click View to see the individual permission entries, and make changes there too.

I repeat, as an example, I have given myself complete blanket permissions, but you may give yourself limited permission as are required, by editing the permissions entries from its settings, as shown in the Permissions Entries box above. Any hacker or malware that gains access to this folder, could potentially modify the apps source code maliciously.

So it might be a good idea to change the permissions back to their defaults, after you have completed your work. To do this, you have to simply reverse or undo the changes you made in the Advanced Security Settings. If you wish to only see the list of all the apps along with their shortcuts, you can copy-paste the following in explorer address bar and hit Enter to open the following Applications folder: Go here to find out how to change the location of Windows Store Apps default installation folder.

Related Posts: Access is Denied. For some reason I have 2 of every Microsoft app. Or you can just run Explorer. Hey, I did the same as you, and I still have access. Did you figure out a way to limit access back to trusted installer ONLY? What object name?

Types of app data

Is there a specific one? You have to delete yourself from having Full Control from the Security options.

Leave Administrators intact. Now access is denied….. I uninstalled all of my apps, gained permission to the install folder, changed the root directory in regedit, and reinsalled them on my hard drive. This is because I have an SSD and there is very little space.

Where are Windows Store Apps installed & how to access the folder

I uninstalled again and changed the directory for the apps back to the original, installed them again. I backed up the metro app folder and copied back the old folder but to no avail.

Microsoft Windows 8.1: Installing Store and Desktop Apps

Can anyone help me? Will this fix it, because even though I restored all the registry settings, none of my apps worked. Any suggestions?

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Thank U Anandji. It worked. I would love to be able to use the excellent News app from Windows8. Has anyone an idea how to do the trick? Reverse the change you made. Or else see: Man please I downgraded from win. I uninstalled them and when tried to download em back app store says thei are already installed.

What is object name? See if these links help you uninstall the apps: What shall I do?

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  • Data Access and Storage!
  • What Is the AppData Folder in Windows?!

Thank you, but I want to completely uninstal downloaded app which is broken cause I want to have it downloaded back. Just type in the name of your pc for example: Although I have not tested this myself, the answer is almost certainly no. The reason being is that many, if not all of these apps make registry entries when they are installed. So when you copy over the folder contents, you may get the applications moved over but they will have errors due to missing registry entries.

What do I do? Haha lol. This is a part of their Anti-Crack system m8 xD. Good luck with that. TrustedInstaller specifically sets permissions so that only TrustedInstaller can have access with the files. Learn more about Windows or confirm it yourself before posting. Trying to take ownership of APPS folder of Windows 10 produces thousands of conflicts attempting to change the permissions of random files and folders , which only can be skipped manually which requires you to hit the skip button every single time thousands of times, of course you abort the process…and now have an inconsistent ownership situation on this fairly important system folder.

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