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Can You Escape 5 Level 6 – 8 Walkthroughs

You will get a key. Go back to the main interface and tap the ladders on the left side. Open the box hanging beside the ladders with the key. And you will see a screen. You need to type in the correct characters.

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To solve this puzzle, you have to go back to the lockers, which show the hints. The fourth locker misses some characters. After this, you will see a series number and symbols.

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Remember them. Beneath this clue, there is a key. Pick up the key and then go to the lift truck.

Get in the truck with the screwdriver. Use the key to run the vehicle, and press the numbers according to the clues given on the wall. Now the box in front of the truck is dropped and opened. Get the tool inside the box and utilize it to cut off the chains. Tap the elevator to escape.

How to Conquer Can You Escape 5 Level 7 Now you are in a cloakroom, everything is placed in order, except the needles on the floor. Pick up the needles. Tap the drawers on the left side and choose the second drawer on the right in the first row. Use the needle to open this drawer. Put the pinhead on the hole. After this, you will see a green T-shirt and a pair of scissors, tap to obtain them. Press back button and you will see some clothes hanging above the drawers. Get the second blue clothes on the left and use the scissors to cut the red item and pick it up.

Tap the scissors and the red cloth to combine them. The purpose of this game is to escape from the shut-up room. You can click the screen, in order to find hints and items. If you click an item, you can find details related to it. You can choose other items during a detailed picture display. Download this game from PlayStore: Bookmark or remember this site you may need help for other levels too.

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Cheats, Solutions, Tips, Answers and Walkthroughs for popular app game “Can You Escape”, available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle and Android. Can You. Welcome to our walkthrough for Levels 1 to 10 of Can You Escape. Can you Escape is a puzzle game on iOS and Android. The purpose of the.

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Can You Escape - Level 12 Official Walkthrough

Download Can You Escape 1. Free Download for Windows.

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Will You Get Out? Bookmark or remember this site you may need help for other levels too. Now exit out to the hall and turn left. Hit the cloth and use the razor to scratch it. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Escape Challenge 5: A few numbers will appear if you put the hair dryer on the mirror.